Thursday, 26 April 2012

Christian Louboutin Trash Ankle-Wrap d’Orsay Sandals

Sometimes we wonder why these celebrities smile so much.....with shoes like these, Why not?

Balenciaga Patchwork High-top Sneakers

Luckiest Kid in the world...And if you asking yourself why the car is posted also? well go figure...LOL

Stubbs & Wootton Velvet Slippers

This is the Ultimate Definition of CLASS(Grandeur).....makes us want to put on a suit, go to church and give a testimony while we are there just to show our shoes to the congregation, because it sure does show the goodness of the Lord

YMC Snakeskin Deck Shoes

Cassie wearing Grey Ant Status Sunglasses and Giuseppe Zanotti Python Print Sneakers in New York City

We at Grandeur have always been suckers for a chick in sneakers...thats why we got the Female sneakers section...

Kanye West wearing Spring 2011 Yellow Balenciaga Arena Sneakers

Its no sceret that we here at Grandeur, love Kanye West. Ones again he decided to murder our minds with   some Balenciaga's.... Dont forget to email us on facebook for your exclusive order.

Pierre Balmain Lexis Zip Sneakers

Deliver us from temptation... And to sneaker freak's like us... This is one of those temptations.